Hydrocooling cherries immediately after harvesting shows remarkable results.

In warmer regions the cherries’ core temperatures easily rise above 30°C (86°F). Removing the field heat and lowering the core temperature to under 3°C (37°F) has a positive influence on the shelf life of the fruit. Water cooled cherries show a decreased weight loss. The greater firmness, caused by the ice water, makes it easier to size the product and leaves it more crisp.

The hydrocooler developed by VOS technics is very low in maintenance due to its ingenious water flow.
A conveyer, variable in speed, pulls the cherries through an ice cold shower.

type feed* capacity** dimensions*** power
HYDRO 100 stationary 100 kg/h 2000x2000x2500 32A/400VAC
HYDRO 250 stationary 250 kg/h 3000x2000x2500 32A/400VAC
HYDRO 500 conveyer 500 kg/h 6000x2000x2500 40A/400VAC
HYDRO 750 conveyer 750 kg/h 7000x2000x2500 40A/400VAC
HYDRO 1000 conveyer 1000 kg/h 7000x3000x2500 60A/400VAC
HYDRO 1500 conveyer 1500 kg/h 8000x3000x2500 80A/400VAC
HYDRO2000 conveyer 2000 kg/h 7000x3000x3500 90A/400VAC
HYDRO4000 conveyer 4000 kg/h 8000x3000x3500 180A/400VAC

* Conveyer available starting from hydro 500.

** The referenced capacity is measured with a temperature reduction of 25°C (45°F) in 15 minutes.

*** All dimensions are in millimetres (LxWxH).